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WILDERNESS PERMITS: All wilderness permits for our guests are provided through the Pack Station commercial quota allocation. These wilderness permits are not issued from the general public quota. If you are riding or hiking with us, the permit will be issued from our commercial quota.


Trips entering Sequoia/Kings Canyon National Parks are subject to a 3% Park Use Fee, in addition to the 3% USFS monitoring fee.

Fishing Grassy Lake

Horseshoe Meadow to Horseshoe Meadow

July 23-18, 2023
6 days
$1900 (+ fees)
Horseshoe Meadow to Horseshoe Meadow
Guests may camp out at Cottonwood Pack Station the night before the trip. We will provide a hiking Guide.
The Summit Mt. Whitmey trips are run by Rock Creek dba as Mt. Whitney Pack Trains.
More information on the Golden Trout Wilderness
Look here for trip details.

7 Days
July 30- August 5, 2023
$2599 (+ fees)
Start and end at Cottonwood Pack Station
This trip is operated by Rock Creek Pack Station dba as Mt. Whitney Pack Trains.
This trip gives the hiker an opportunity to see some stunning views and some historical artifacts! Watch for the rustic cabins of the historical Little Whitney Cow Camp, see granite peaks surrounding meadows of green and marvel at Mt. Langley. This is a beautiful hike with many options for day trips on layover days.
Day 1: Horseshoe Meadow over Trail Pass to Tunnel Meadows
Day 2:Tunnel Meadows to Little Whitney Meadows
Day 3: Layover at Little Whitney Meadows Camp
Day 4: Little Whitney Meadows to Big Whitney Meadows
Day 5: Big Whitney Meadows to Upper Rock Creek
Day 6: Layover Day ( at Upper Rock Creek Camp) --- Explore the Miter Basin or climb Mt. Langley
Day 7: Upper Rock Creek over Cottonwood Pass to Horseshoe Meadow
A detailed description of the planned itinerary here.

John Muir Trail
August 5-13, 2023
9 Days
Horseshoe Meadow to Horseshoe Meadow
Travel the John Muir Trail from Cottonwood Pack Station (Horseshoe Meadow, near Lone Pine)Wallace Lake and Mt. Whitney. Layover days allow time to rest, climb Mt. Whitney and explore the remote jewels of the Sierra Nevada.
The itinerary is subject to change due to permitting, weather or trail conditions:
Day 1: Cottonwood Pass to Chickenspring Lake
Day 2: Chicken spring Lake to Lower Rock Creek
Day 3: Rock Creek to Wallace Creek
Day 4: Layover at Wallace Creek
Day 5: To Guitar Lake
Day 6: Layover at Guitar (Climb Mt. Whitney, if desired, and back to Guitar Lake or Lower Crabtree)
Day 7: To Upper Rock Creek
Day 8: Layover in Upper Rock Creek
Day 9: Out to Horseshoe Meadow (Cottonwood Pack Station)

A Sierra Club Outing
Aug 13–23, 2023
11 Days
Leader: Frank Eldredge
Trip Number: 23175A

The Sierra Club's description of this trip:"On this trip you will experience one of the most scenic and remote areas of Yosemite National Park and the Hoover Wilderness, walking with only a day pack and enjoying comfortable camps and delicious meals prepared by the pack station’s cook.

The wilderness trip begins at the Twin Lakes trailhead and the Hoover Wilderness, ascending past the Sawtooth Ridge and around the base of Crown Point to Peeler Lake, where we enter the Yosemite backcountry. The hike will follow miles of meadow into Kerrick Canyon before climbing into the Stubblefield and Tilden Creek drainages. We will traverse more meadows as we climb up Tilden Canyon to beautiful Tilden Lake and then the long meadows of Jack Main Canyon to Dorothy Lake. We depart Yosemite at Dorothy Lake, entering the Hoover Wilderness and dropping down to Lower Piute Meadows, and finally out to Leavitt Meadows on the last day."

For more information, or to register for this trip go to Sierra Club Outings.

A Sierra Club Outing
NEW NAME: Hiking the John Muir Trail from Devils Postpile to Tuolumne Meadows, Yosemite National Park, California
Aug 26–Sep 5, 2023
11 Days
Leader: Denise Sprague
Trip Number: 23176A

Please note that the trip name and itinerary have changed from what was originally published.
If you have questions, please see the Sierra Club Outings website .
Per the Sierra Club description:
"The Trip:
The starting place for our wilderness trek will be Devils Postpile National Monument, which is located west of Mammoth Lakes.
Our route will follow a significant portion of the popular John Muir Trail through some of the most scenic country in the High Sierra. This is one of the highlight trips of the High Sierra, going through the stunning scenery of the Ansel Adams Wilderness and upper Lyell Canyon in Yosemite National Park.
From the trailhead we will follow the John Muir Trail north to Johnson Meadows, where we stay the first two nights. We will then continue along the JMT through the Ansel Adams Wilderness and into Tuolumne Meadows in Yosemite National Park.
The Ansel Adams Wilderness encompasses spectacular acres of granite peaks, steep-walled gorges and rock outcroppings. We will explore quite a number of the lakes that dot the region.
The total distance covered is about 70 miles, with an elevation gain of approximately 11,000 feet. Of this total distance, about 50 miles is on the JMT. On our way we will pass the beautiful lakes of Shadow, Ediza, Garnet, and Thousand Island.
We will have three layover days. On our first layover day, we will hike to Minaret Lake from Johnston Meadows. On the second layover day, we will be at Rosalie Lake; we will hike to Ediza, passing by Shadow Lake before going back to camp. Our third layover day will be at Thousand Island Lake, where we can spend the day around that beautiful lake relaxing, fishing, swimming, or exploring while enjoying the natural world around us.
The first two nights of our trip we camp next to our cars at a location near Rock Creek Pack Station. This gives us a chance to acclimate to the high elevation, provide orientation to trip procedures, and get acquainted with the other trip participants, and do a training hike.
The packer will furnish delicious meals, with a cook to handle all the kitchen chores, including cleanup. Chairs are furnished to relax in camp. In case of rain, the wranglers will put up a large tarp to sit under. A sit-down toilet with a privacy tent will be provided at each camp. Mules will carry all equipment and food except what we require during the day and carry in our day packs.

Day 1: We meet at 4 p.m. at a location near Rock Creek Pack Station where we will camp for two nights. There will be time to get acquainted before dinner is served around 6 p.m.
Day 2: We’ll spend the day on an acclimation hike to one of the area lakes near the pack station. The schedule will give us enough time to go over the trip orientation and socialize with the other participants. We spend the night at the same camp. Dinner will again be served about 6:00pm. We'll get up early the next day to pack our gear into duffel bags, so they'll be ready for the packer.
Day 3: After breakfast, we will be driven to Devils Postpile trailhead, and then hike up the John Muir Trail. We will camp at Johnson Meadow. (6 miles, 1,200 feet) Optional walk up Minaret Creek, conditions permitting.
Day 4: Layover day: Optional hike to the beautiful Minaret Lake. (9 miles, 2,000 feet)
Day 5: We'll hike from Johnson Meadow to camp at Rosalie Lake. (7 miles, 1,900 feet)
Day 6: Layover day: Optional hike to the beautiful Ediza and Shadow lakes. (7 miles, 1,500 feet)
Day 7: We'll hike from Rosalie Lake to Thousand Island Lake, stopping for lunch at Garnet Lake. (9 miles, 1,500 feet)
Day 8: Layover day: Relax around Thousand Island Lake. Optional hike around the lake. (5 miles, 200 feet)
Day 9: We’ll hike from Thousand Island Lake to Upper Rush Creek. (7 miles, 1,300 feet)
Day 10: We'll hike from Upper Rush Creek over Donohue Pass to camp on the Lyell Fork of Tuolumne River. (8 miles, 1,300 feet)
Day 11: We'll hike down the Lyell Fork to the trailhead at Tuolumne Meadows. (9 miles, 150 feet) From there, the packer will provide a shuttle back to the cars at Rock Creek.

Note: The distances and elevation gains shown above are approximate. The mileages given are rounded up when there are fractions. The planned itinerary may have to be modified due to factors such as weather and limitations for camping with stock."

For more information, or to register for this trip, please go to Sierra Club Outings .

August 26-31, 2023
6 days
$2100 (+ fees)
This trip takes you through a beautiful, remote section of Yosemite National Park. Click HERE for a detailed description of the trip.

September 3-8, 2023
6 Days
Horseshoe Meadow to Horseshoe Meadow
The itinerary is subject to change due to permitting, weather or trail conditions:
Day 1: Horseshoe Meadow to Chickenspring Lake
Day 2: Chickenspring Lake to Upper Rock Creek
Day 3: Layover-Explore Miter Basin
Day 4: Rock Creek to Cottonwood Lakes-climb Mt. Langley on the way
Day 5: Layover Cottonwood Lakes
Day 6: Out to Horseshoe Meadow
Look here for trip details.

JOHN MUIR TRAIL NORTHERN SECTION, Red's Meadow to Yosemite Valley
9 days
September 7-15, 2023
$3500 (+ fees)
Begins at Rock Creek (shuttle provided to Reds Meadow) to Yosemite Valley
Enjoy traveling along the John Muir Trail without carrying a backpack or eating freeze-dried food. Experience the beauty of countless granite peaks, streams, lakes, forests, and flower-strewn meadows. This 10-day adventure accesses the trail at the Junction at Red's Meadow. You will travel through the heart of the Minarets area, with wonderful views of the Ritter Range and dozens of beautiful lakes and the extraordinary high country of Yosemite National Park as you travel to the northern end of this renowned trail.
Look here for trip details (start at DAY 7 on the itinerary for details).

The John Muir Trail
9 days
September 11-19, 2023
$3500(+ fees)
Horseshoe Meadow to Onion Valley
Complete the John Muir Trail from Horseshoe Meadow (near Lone Pine) to Onion Valley. Layover days allow time to rest and explore the remote jewels of the Sierra Nevada.
Look here for trip details.


WILDERNESS PERMITS: All wilderness permits for our guests are provided through the Pack Station commercial quota allocation. These wilderness permits are not issued from the general public quota. If you are riding or hiking with us, the permit will be issued from our commercial quota.

We offer backcountry, mountain travel for the hiker who wants to enjoy the wilderness for longer than his or her back can carry the needed supplies. We prepare your food and our packers break camp and transport your gear to a pre-arranged spot on moving days. Guests may bring 30 lbs. of personal gear (includes sleeping bag) and we provide the tents, toilet, camp chairs, tables, meals and staff for your travel in the wilderness.

Our back yard includes Yosemite National Park, Sequoia National Park, Kings Canyon National Park, Ansel Adams Wilderness, Golden Trout Wilderness, Hoover Wilderness, and the Sierra and Inyo National Forests. We service the Pacific Crest Trail, John Muir Trail, and adjacent areas from as far south as Lone Pine and north to Sonora Pass including, but not limited to, trailheads at Horseshoe Meadow, Onion Valley, South Lake, Rock Creek, Mammoth Lakes, Tuolumne Meadow, Virginia Lakes, and Twin Lakes.

We offer everything from five-day, short-move traveling trips to a month-long trek covering the entire John Muir Trail. Join other hikers on open hiking trips or form your own group for an all-inclusive private custom trip. We work with your interests, capabilities, dietary needs, and schedule to create your ideal wilderness adventure.

We can also connect you with private groups willing to add hikers to their trips.

Call us at (760) 872-8331 or email us to discuss your schedule and preferred itinerary.

Pricing for all-inclusive private custom trip is shown in the table below.
Per person per day**
Please note, the following fees are per person:
$15.00 monitoring fee, $5 wilderness permit reservation fee,
3% outfitters fee, and 8% regulatory fee.
9 to 12 persons $385
5 to 8 persons $425
**Please note that a trip with less than five people, will pay for a minimum of five.
For trips in Sequoia/Kings Canyon National Park, there will be a 3% monitoring fee in addition to the USFS fee of 2%.

If you would like to have your gear dropped at a campsite, while you hike in, we can accomodate you! Our DUNNAGE option may be exactly what you need. Have a look at the video slide show one of our guests created!

If you would like to include some riders in your group, or you would like to hire stock and a packer, but provide your own food and cook for yourself, please review these options: All-EXPENSE PACK TRIP and CONTINUOUS HIRE OF STOCK & PACKER.

Or SPOT TRIPS may interest you.

Here's what one of our repeat-guests has to say about her travels with Rock Creek Pack Station: "As a former backpacker, it embarrassed me at first to have to rely on pack animals to carry my gear, but my joints wouldn't allow me the pride of independence. What I found, though, is the crews have a love for the mountain that equals my own and they take much better care of the environment than any backpacker I've hiked with. All trash packed out, deep pits are dug for the latrines, the ashes from fire are buried, and the pine needles are scattered so there is no evidence we were there. They truly left only footprints behind." --G. H., CALIFORNIA, 2005

Here is a description of hiking with pack stock from a frequent guest:
The smell of fresh coffee on a wood fired stove; the muffled sound of mules munching their morning grain; quiet words of reassurance as the packers groom and tack the stock in preparation for the day's move. That is the alarm clock that awakens you to a new morning of hiking with pack stock. You pack up your duffle and take down your tent between sips of fresh hot coffee (or tea/cocoa)...more

Call us TODAY at 760-872-8331 for a quick response to your questions.
You can email us, also.

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Mustang Trips are are subject to a 3% USFS fee.
Trips traveling in the Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks are subject to an additional 3% park use fee.

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