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* Handling Fee may increase to the degree such that the charges result in a minimum $110 per USFS day used with the packing service.
* Handling fee is charged for each 5 head or portion thereof.
* We pack 150 pounds per mule or less, if bulk, volume and dimensions of load require an additional mule.
* Expect gear packed out to pack station to arrive late afternoon. Early arrival can be arranged by written agreement and additional fees.

Number of PACK MULES required for your dunnage:

Bear Proof Box Rental - $8.00 per day per box
Number of Bear Proof Boxes Needed:

TOTAL number of individuals in your group (needed for wilderness permits):

Number of RIDING individuals in your party (if any):

(Note: if you have several riders in your group, you may want to look at Spot Trips as an alternative).

Names and info about any RIDING members in your party:
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Describe any physical limitations or disabilities for any of the RIDING guests you have listed:

The SUBMIT button, at the bottom of this page, will compute an approximate cost, email a copy of this form to the Rock Creek Pack Station Office and a copy will be sent to the email address you have provided. You can print the email for your records, and a copy can be sent with your payment.

Please be sure to read the information on our payment, cancellation and refund policies, shown below.

Complete form and send a 20% non-refundable deposit to hold reservations.

Full payment due thirty days prior to starting date and is non-refundable.

Cancellation and refund policy: deposit and final payments within 30 days of starting date are non-refundable.

Refund of payment(except deposit) will be returned only if you fill spot on trip.

No transfer of deposit or trip fee to following year for cancellations.

We advise guests to purchase cancellation and trip travel insurance if you don't want to assume risk of losing payment due to illness or family emergency.

All Trail Rides and Packing Schools are subject to an 8% regulatory reservation fee, plus 3% USFS fee and $15 per person wilderness permit and monitoring fee.
Horse Drives are subject to an 8% regulatory reservation fee, plus 3% USFS fee.
Mustang Trips are are subject to a 3% USFS fee.

Riders over 200 pounds or who are very heavy for their height need to be approved by the pack station before they may sign up for a trip. Riders cannot weigh over 240 pounds.

Minimum age is 6 years old.

The pack station needs to approve all people who have physical characteristics and disabilities that may pose a safety risk for the participant.


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